2020 Vision for Kildare

Irish tourism is experiencing record-breaking performance at present. 2016 was the best ever year with over 9 million overseas tourists visiting the country, a commendable 50% increase on the levels recorded just ve years ago. The Irish tourism industry is now worth over €8 billion annually, which is also a new record.

All key source markets performed well in 2016 and visitor feedback is positive, with value-for- money ratings steadily increasing over recent years. Domestic tourism revenue is also expected to show an increase of at least 1.5% to €1.75 billion.

Feedback from businesses across the country suggests that the boost in demand seen in 2016 was well distributed and that growth was experienced in most areas with the western seaboard gaining an increased share of tourism tra c and expenditure.

Employment in tourism is also buoyant, with up to 20,000 new jobs created across the industry in 2016. This means that the tourism and hospitality sector now employs over 230,000 people throughout the country.

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