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Business Supports from Fáilte Ireland

On June 8th Fáilte Ireland launched a suite of business supports to help businesses to plan out the key elements of their recovery. These have been developed with industry experts to support businesses to re-open and relaunch their business effectively and will complement the operational guidelines for re-opening also listed below.

Business supports:

  • Financial recovery
  • Operational performance: Capacity & Commercial Impacts Calculator and how to optimise your operations based on reduced capacity
  • HR for re-opening
  • Operational Guidelines for Re-Opening
  • Employee wellbeing


Financial recovery


Financial Recovery

Fáilte Ireland, along with industry experts, has prepared a number of guides to provide you with the right tools as you make the best financial decisions for your business. With expert advice and insights, they hope to help tourism businesses to get on the road towards re-opening and financial recovery.

Each of the guides, checklists and financial templates will help you take your business from its current ‘closed’ position back to active trading. They will advise you on what you need to review; how you manage your costs; what levels of working capital you’ll need; forecasting your cash flow, and seeking financial support from banks or other institutions.

The supports are developed to be suitable for all levels of businesses and are sector specific for:

  • Hotels, guesthouses and hostels
  • B&Bs, caravan and camping, self catering
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Attractions
  • Activity providers

Access financial recovery supports for your business

Into Kildare Failte Ireland Financial Recovery Video


Operational performance


Operational performance

Capacity & Commercial Impacts Calculator and how to optimise your operations based on reduced capacity

Fáilte Ireland has also created a ‘Capacity & Commercial Impacts Calculator’ to help businesses to assess which parts of their operation can function profitably, how to utilise any available space to help overcome capacity reductions and where to drive efficiencies.

As each business is a different size, fit-out and shape, they must determine their new capacity and input this into the calculator. This can be adjusted as physical distancing restrictions ease. The calculator will help the business to determine:

  • The effect of reduced capacity within the business
  • Commercial impact of cost management and revenue generation opportunities
  • The feasibility of new service options

Fáilte Ireland has also developed a series of ‘Optimise Your Operations’ guides to assist owners and managers to think creatively about how they can use their existing assets. These documents outline a series of considerations (for example, on operational planning, potential new business models, addressing physical distancing on-site, innovative usage of space, etc.), with suggestions and guidance from sectoral experts to help navigate the reopening process and to optimise both the guest experience and the sustainability of the business.

Access operational performance calculators and guidelines for optimising operations for hotels and guesthouses

Access operational performance calculators and guidelines for optimising operations for restaurants, cafes, bars and gastropubs

Please note: additional calculators relevant to sectors will be added shortly

Expert Webinars



HR for re-opening


Given the significant changes to how businesses and their staff will operate when they return to the workplace, tourism businesses have been asking for guidance and expert advice on a range of HR issues.

Fáilte Ireland’s HR for re-opening supports will guide businesses in the key areas of HR risk associated with providing a safe place to work, the new requirements in regard to National Return to Work Safely Protocols, managing and planning changes to contracts and hours (including potential redundancies), and managing employment supports and payments. These supports have all been developed in line with equality and employment legislation.

Access the HR for re-opening supports

In the coming weeks, Fáilte Ireland will launch further business supports to prepare businesses to re-open and recover. This will include supports in the areas of up-skilling staff while they work remotely, in preparation for a return to the workplace, as well as guidance on consumer demand creation to drive sales and marketing.



Employee wellbeing


Employee Wellbeing IntoKildare

Supporting your wellbeing during COVID-19


The COVID-19 crisis is one of the most challenging and difficult times the tourism industry has ever faced. Business owners, employees and people who are self-employed are facing uncertainty about the future of their jobs and businesses. Times like this can naturally cause significant anxiousness and worry. Fáilte Ireland has launched a suite of supports to help the industry through this difficult time, on both a professional and personal level.

I Am Here

I am Here Intokildare

Fáilte Ireland, in partnership with PulseLearning, is offering the I Am Here: Rapid Response service to the Irish tourism industry. This is a programme of mental health support and learning within the workplace and beyond to empower employers and employees to have courageous conversations about mental health.

I Am Here recognises that people in your business want to connect with their fellow team members to get the help or support they may need, especially during times of crisis. This programme enables your team members to signpost existing services to those who need it.

To access this service, visit I Am Here

Employee Assistance Programme: Counselling and support

INSPIRE Intokildare

To provide more formal supports to those who need it, Fáilte Ireland has partnered with Inspire Workplaces to offer free and confidential access to an Employee Assistance Programme. This is available widely to business owners, employees and people who are self-employed in the industry.

Inspire Workplaces offers wellbeing supports and counselling services as well as advice on financial concerns and legal issues, and has a wealth of experience of supporting organisations and employees at times of crisis across Ireland.

Through a Freephone Helpline, offered 24/7/365, businesses and employees can access this full range of services:

Freephone Helpline on 1800 201346: You will need to quote Fáilte Ireland when accessing the service to ensure the services are provided to you free of charge.

Visit and on the homepage, click the purple ‘Sign Up’ icon, top right. Where prompted, enter your company PIN, which is unique to Fáilte Ireland: COFIHUB!


Operational Guidelines for Re-Opening


As tourism businesses begin to re-open their doors, how you open in a way that is safe and effective will differ depending on the sector you operate in – with specific advice for hotels, self catering businesses, B&B’s, caravan and camping businesses, activity providers, attractions and restaurants, amongst others.

Fáilte Ireland, in collaboration with industry groups, has created a series of guidelines for re-opening tailored to the various sectors of the Irish tourism industry. The guidelines are designed to support business owners and management in every step as they tackle the challenges specific to their industry.

They  have worked closely with key industry groups to develop these detailed operational guidelines that will equip tourism and hospitality businesses with the necessary information and advice to enable them to re-open safely.

These sector-specific guidelines offer detailed advice on the systems that should be implemented to help instil public confidence and reboot business while adhering to public health advice and Government protocols.

The guidelines provide comprehensive advice on re-opening for business owners, with an emphasis placed on the safety and wellbeing of employers, employees and customers.

The guidelines will be regularly updated in line with Government public health advice as and when this advice evolves. This includes any further guidance that is given following work by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre & National Public Health Emergency Team on the application of the existing social distancing requirements in specific, defined and controlled environments in the hospitality industry during periods of low incidence of the disease.


Download the guidelines for re-opening for your sector:


Please note, as these guidelines are working documents, you may need to clear your cache to view the latest version.


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