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Kildare set to shine bright for St Brigid’s Day 2022 celebrations

Host of events announced to honour patron saint in her native county

Towns, businesses and households across Kildare are being urged to come together this year and immerse the county in white light to symbolise hope for the New Year and mark this year’s annual celebrations for Saint Brigid’s Day.

Into Kildare has confirmed that they plan to illuminate the Hill of Allen again for the second time ever as part of this year’s festivities to honour Kildare’s very own patron saint.

The historic landmark will emit a bright white light from Monday evening January 31st on the eve of St Brigid’s Day for a number of hours and will remain lit until midnight and will once again light up from 6pm on February 1st until midnight.

Due to restrictions, there is no access on the evening to ensure public safety.

Members of the public will also be able to view the ‘lighting up’ from their own homes or by logging onto Into Kildare’s Facebook page or visiting the website – 

In addition to this, the tourism body for Kildare has confirmed that candles will be available to the public from libraries all across the county as they have called on local communities and businesses to come together and shine their own lights to honour St Brigid on the eve of February 1st.

A series of family and child friendly orientated events will also take place, in addition to a children’s colouring competition.

Féile Bríde, a week-long festival organised by Solas Bríde, will also be taking place across the week, with a candlelight pilgrimage taking place to St Brigid’s Well on January 31st.

Plans are also in place for a guided walk on the Curragh Plains, and subject to public health guidelines, both in-person and online workshops on the Traditions and Customs associated with Brigid, Annual Celtic Lecture, as well as a number of musical and cultural events.

Speaking ahead of this year’s festival, Into Kildare CEO Áine Mangan said:

“Kildare has a deep-rooted connection with St Brigid which dates back many centuries, so it is fitting that we mark and honour the great work she did for the people of Kildare and indeed, Ireland and it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to get out and explore the county’s rich cultural history.

“We are hosting several events that we hope will educate and illustrate the breadth of our offering here in Kildare – whether it’s history, the outdoors, food or the arts – there is something for everyone and our celebrations for St Brigid’s Day is a great opportunity for us to highlight this.

“We are very excited this year to instil an air of hope and positivity to the people of Kildare lighting up of the Hill of Allen once again to mark the resilience and comradery of the people of our county after what has been a difficult couple of years for us all. We hope people will watch the illumination virtually and join us by lighting their own candle as a beacon of hope for the year ahead”, Ms Mangan added.

St Brigid’s Day traditionally marks the first day of spring in the Northern hemisphere and has been celebrated by Christians all over the world for many centuries.

The much-adored Kildare patron saint was born in fifth century, where she built a monastery for men and women in Kildare around 470AD; pioneering monastic life in Ireland.

Irish missionaries and migrants carried her name and spirit across the world and today, pilgrims and visitors come to Kildare from all over the world seeking to walk in Brigid’s footsteps.

In 2019, the Department of Foreign Affairs announced a worldwide festival to mark St Brigid’s anniversary and celebrate the creativity and talents of Irish women, this is now in its fifth successive year and has received an enthusiastic international response, with over 30 countries around the world participating in 2021, meanwhile preparations are already well underway to mark the 1500-year anniversary of St Brigid’s death in 2024.

Keep up to date with all the latest information on St Brigid’s Day and all associated events and activities by visiting the Into Kildare website –

Opening hours for the Cathedral of St. Brigid over Féile Bríde are as follows:

Monday 31st      11-30am -4pm

Tuesday 1st             11.30am- 4pm

Wednesday 2nd         11.30am-4pm

Thursday 3rd            11.30am-4pm

Friday 4nd               11.30am-4pm

Saturday 5th            11.30am-4pm

Thank you to Kildare Council, Donovan Printing for supporting Into Kildare’s St. Brigid’s Day 2022.