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Kildare’s craft beer and wine experts give their top Christmas pairings

The best beers and wines in Kildare for your festive food season

With the Christmas period fast approaching, the search for the perfect beer and wine accompaniments will be high on the priority list for fans of a festive tipple or two.

Kildare is packed full of craft beer producers and wine specialists, so we’ve decided to leave it to the experts to give their top tips and recommendations – step forward Barry Flanagan, Ronan Kinsella and Michelle Lawlor from Lock 13 brewpub, The Dew Drop Inn and Nude Wine Company respectively.

Drop inn for a great selection of craft beers :

Ronan Kinsella from Kill’s award-winning gastro pub and craft beer hotspot The Dew Drop Inn is first up with his selection of beers

The beer that started it all off – the ninety-six beer-which is an oatmeal pale ale Packed with six different varieties of malt, plenty of new world hops, and a large dry hop, this combination helps to bring out some enormous aromas, while the many malts and grains helps to provide a rich golden-coloured beer.  For those who are heavy-handed with the spices, Ronan also recommends the ninety-six as a solid accompaniment to any eye-watering dishes you might be whipping up.

On to the next one – The Dew Drop’s most popular and most loved beer – the Vienna larger. Brewed mostly with Vienna malt, it’s a unique malt that gives the beer a gorgeous amber colour. Ronan brings his assurances that the Vienna larger will appeal to ANY beer fans. Use this info as you wish.

Last but not least, Ronan’s third recommendation comes in the form of the Weiss beer, a bubbly, German type beer with banana and clove spice aromas, as well as a malty base and a dry finish.  It takes a while to master the perfect pint of Weiss beer, but good things always take time, as the saying goes.

Dew Drop Inn

You can’t knock the Lock:

Lock 13 Brewpub is a firm local favourite in Sallins (and the rest of Kildare). Owner Barry Flanagan is encouraging a shop local approach this year when it comes to Christmas beer – and here are his recommendations for Christmas Day brews.

For seafood, salad appetisers or spicy dishes, Barry suggests Electric Juice IPA, a large hazy 5.5 percent IPA filled with American hops, tropical notes, grapefruit, and a lovely crop called mosaic on the aroma.

Barry’s next festive recommendation is a big one – the Chapel Lane Larger – which is by far the most popular beer in Lock 13. This beer is created with German hops and has a hint of spice and a hint of biscuit flavour, which makes it a welcome addition to any Thanksgiving dinner. The scent is fresh and pure, and it’s best served cold. With turkey, gravy, and stuffing around Christmas.

For the all-important dessert pairing, Barry says Lock 13’s Baby Boom milk stout, a dark beer with lactose added to it, has a chocolate mocha coffee flavour that goes with treats like chocolate brownies or chocolate tarts. It also pairs especially well with Belgian dark chocolate delicacies, as well as strong cheeses.

Lock13 Gift

Every day is a wine-ding road

Un-wined this Christmas with these top selections from Nude Wine Company’s Michelle Lawlor.

There are two paths you can go for white wines this Christmas. You can stick to the classics like Shadley, a dry white wine like chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc, which is fruitier.

This year Nude Wine Company are offering two distinct options for the festive season.

For Christmas Day lunch, Michelle recommends Albarinio, which hails from the region of Northern Spain where the Camino de Santiago can be found. The wine produced there is a fragrant, fruity, peachy, apricot zesty delightful glass of wine, and the ripe fruit pairs well with things like salmon and scallops.

If like most of us, you’re not going to be making it to Greece for Christmas, this Christmas Day suggestion hails from Crete, and is steely and lemony with a salty taste.

Best served with something slightly salty, such as steak or seafood. It’s a great one to serve with white meats like pig or turkey as well.

For Christmas Day supper, it can only be red, and Nude Wine Company have two options here, with one from France, and one from Italy.

The French wine is a traditional fruity but spicy Bordeaux, which is fruity with a hint of spice. It has a slight cranberry aroma that complements all the other flavours in your Christmas feast.

The next wine is a light red cherry flavour, rich with herbs and spices from Northern Italy called Valpolicella Ripasso. It’s also incredibly refreshing acidity, which is excellent for cutting down the fats that may be on your Christmas Day feast.

Nude Wine

That’s wine and beer pairings boxed off, Cheers/Sláinte/Santé or whatever way you like to say it! If you need help with other festive food options – look at our other posts on!