Athy Boat Tours

At Athy Boat Tours we work with you to create the perfect touring experience.

Located centrally in Athy Town, “Freedom on the Water” departs from the Jetty adjacent to the Courthouse, with ample parking available.

Athy Boat Tours provides boat tours and private boat tours for up to twelve passengers on board “Freedom on the Water”. We work with your group to create the perfect tour, whether you wish to enjoy a picnic on board during your tour to Levistown or lunch on the river bank during a day long trip to Maganey, we can ensure a memorable experience.

As you travel along the Barrow Navigation there are some amazing features and breathtaking views.

You can marvel at the majestic sprawling landscapes, flora & fauna and all the river offers.

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Safety on “Freedom on the Water”
The “Freedom on the Water” passenger boat is under the command of a full time navigator. It is the duty of the Fully Qualified Passenger Boat Navigator to ensure that all safety criteria on board the vessel is adhered to, throughout the duration of the trips as the safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is paramount.

Life jackets are provided and must be worn by all persons at all times throughout the duration of the boat trips. Failure to comply with this directive will result in the boat being unable to leave port.

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