Kilcock Art Gallery

The gallery was established in 1978 by Breda Smyth and official opening by George Campbell R.H.A. one of Ireland’s leading artists who died in 1979. Since then the gallery has been dealing in Fine Paintings Sculpture and Prints by leading names in Irish Art.

Kilcock Art Gallery is situated in a picturesque village on the Royal Canal just an hour drive from Dublin City (take No. 8 exit on the M4 motorway to the West of Ireland).

The gallery is a welcoming place with an easy and friendly atmosphere offering advice and help to its clients. It is a real treasure trove of both established and new artistic talent catering for the varying tastes of all collectors.

The gallery consults with its clients visitors and collectors advising and finding the right pieces for particular locations building individual collections.

Export facilities and worldwide packing and transport can be arranged for our clients.

Should you wish to receive information on on-going Exhibitions please log onto the website.

The Gallery is open daily during solo exhibitions 10am & 4pm. Otherwise the gallery is open by appointment. Please do not hesitate to phone Breda Smyth + 353 86 257 82 83 as we are never too far away from the gallery.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm; Sat 2pm to 4pm and by appointment

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