Off Road Driving with Dynamic Events

We provide the experience of driving an off road 4×4 vehicle through really extreme terrain where you will manoeuvre your way through natural obstructions such as rivers, mud runs, steep assents, enormous pot holes and gravity defying drops.

The course here has been enhanced with some brilliant man made challenges like a rock garden, giant concrete stairs, camel bumps and an off road see-saw.

The vehicles are all 300TDI Land Rover Discovery models which we have rebuilt and modified for off road driving.

As you will see in some of our videos the vehicles can take huge punishment, so much so we have a dedicated mechanic to keep all of our vehicles “off the road”!

An off road driving instructor accompanies each vehicle to guide you though the course which is essential as some of the obstacles are quite daunting the first time round.

No matter how good a driver you are or think you are the off road driving course is taken in really low gear and requires control and nerve so it is a completely different kind of driving to anything you have experienced before. You will be pretty amazed at what the vehicles can actually do as they seem to defy gravity going over some of the obstacles.

This course would make mince meat of a standard car or the so called 4×4′s you would see on the school run. But in these Land Rovers despite bouncing around the obstacles and taking a bit of punishment it’s quite a nice comfortable ride on the inside.

Behind the wheel of these resilient modified Land Rovers you will have a real blast. It is a real adrenaline rush and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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