Zest Cafe and Restaurant

Zest Café & Restaurant began life back in June 2003. Owner Mark Condron has created an establishment known for its great food and warm welcome. Mark has teamed up with Alan Lee who has a strong pedigree working in some of Dublin’s top restaurants such as the award winning Bon appetite in Malahide and the commons on Stephens Green. Along with his young and vibrant team they have created a venue with quality and passion at its core.

The Food

The word zest aptly describes our approach and use of flavours, with the use of clean and distinct flavours creating interesting and electric menu options. The Zest team use only the best ingredients, local if possible, to create delicious and unfussy food.

The Restaurant

The entire restaurant seats just 55 so it always appears lively and busy. With the open kitchen in full view for all to see, creating a wonderful atmosphere in a smart yet relaxing environment. With lots of windows and high ceilings the space seems wonderfully bright and airy during the day, yet feels warm and charming in the evening.

The Team

The Zest team are passionate people who share a common goal to provide you with the most memorable dining experience.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday :
Breakfast 8:30pm to 12pm
Lunch 12pm to 4:30pm
Dinner 4:30pm to 10pm

Sundays :
Dinner menu served all day, brunch 12:30pm to 4pm

What’s Nearby?

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