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Shiny Day TV Road-Trip Through Kildare

Earlier this summer, Taste of Kildare caught the attention of two Irish travel hosts and journalists, Ciara and Jon. The happy couple are experienced globetrotters and self-confessed adrenaline junkies, with passion for exploring, both abroad and on home soil.

Since the birth of their two adorable daughters Bo and Edie, the pair have had to make some adjustments to their travel style, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting out on the open road, fam in tow, to discover the undiscovered!

Ciara, Jon, Bo and Edie are a foursome (soon to be fivesome, including Ciara’s growing bump) that make up Shiny Day TV, a new travel and lifestyle channel on YouTube.

Ciara, Jon and Edie; Bo wasn’t feeling to camera-ready!

As part of their new series, Road-Trip Realities, the adventure family are travelling around the Emerald Isle, experiencing the highs and lows of holidays with kids, and sharing the hidden gems found right here on our own doorstep.

Produced by Trilogy Media, the travel pack take on the Thoroughbred County, where they visited the famous food fair, Taste of Kildare. Picky kids prove no problem for Ciara and Jon, as the gals gobble down snails for starters, from Kildare’s very own Nature Made Ltd.

Next on the menu is a round of delicious organic Dexter burgers, from Kildare company Market Kitchen, a firm favourite among the family and an endorsement of the “best burger in Ireland” from Bo!

Bo happily digs into “the best burger in Ireland”.

The kiddies meander in and around the stalls, having a ball, with Mammy and Daddy in tow. Taste of Kildare is more than just scrumptious goodies to nibble on, with animals, performers and kiddies’ play areas for everyone to enjoy. Bo is beside herself when she gets to try out pony rides, and little Edie is in her element bopping on the bouncy castle.

Tune in and watch all the madness of Shiny TV’s road-trip through Kildare here, and why not follow the family on Facebook and Instagram too.