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Court Yard Hotel


The Court Yard Hotel located in the heart of Leixlip is truly a gem of the town. Built on the original site where Arthur Guinness created his brewing empire, the hotel offers old world charm with beautiful original stone work from the original brewery. Steakhouse 1758 has the perfect outdoor terrace to enjoy a cocktail in the sun. Why not spend the night where the Guinness story began before embarking on the Arthur’s Way!


Leixlip Castle

Leixlip Town

One of Ireland’s oldest Norman castles, Leixlip Castle was built in the 1170s and passed through many hands before it was bought by Desmond Guinness, of the Irish Georgian Society. This is perhaps why the castle is in such wonderful condition. Be sure to check out the Leixlip Castle listing on our website to see when tours of the castle are available to the public!


The Wonderful Barn

Castletown House

The Wonderful Barn is a corkscrew shaped building on the edge of Castletown Estate, that was originally used to store grain, to shoot game and for other domestic purposes. While not open to the public, many people visit to admire the unusual architecture of the building.


Leixlip Heritage Trail

Liffey Walk

The Leixlip Heritage trail is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is a beautiful walk in the heart of Leixlip Town which takes in all great historical sites. Follow the maps dotted along the trail and unveil the history of the town, there are six stops along the 2km route.


Royal Canal Way

Royal Canal Leixlip

Follow the towpath from Leixlip along the Royal Canal Way to Maynooth which is less than an 8km walk! Be sure to check out the Leixlip Waterfall where the canal meets Rye River.

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